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Toutes nos fenêtres Futuretherm sont
encastrées en standard avec une assise
plus basse dans le toit.

Fenêtre de toit à pivot central



The Keylite Roof Window range with Futuretherm Technology is the result of a 100% focus in innovation. Enhancements throughout our roof window makes installation easier than ever before and improve the overall user experience.

Keylite Blinds

Make the most of any interior space with Keylite Blinds. Control, block and soften daylight for every mood and every space at home.

Natural Light
for every room

Natural daylight has the unique ability to transform interiors into vibrant spaces that are enticing, bright and warm. Combined with natural ventilation, this free resource creates healthy and happy environments for work, rest or play.

Easy Installation

Simple, Easy… Fast. From box to roof in 2 minutes. Keylite innovations combine for faster, easier installation.

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Service & Support

Our technical experts are on hand to advise and assist you at the design and specification stage.

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Patented Innovation

Our patents mean that other conventional roof windows do not share many of our extraordinary features.

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10 Year Guarantee

We are confident that our products will give trouble free performance throughout this period and beyond.

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England, Scotland & Wales